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Elastic Plaster

Adapts to all of your movements
Extra flexible
Strong adhesion

Product Info

Hansaplast Elastic

Hansaplast Elastic plasters are suitable for covering and protecting all types of smaller (minor) wounds.

  • The material stretches with the skin's movements.
  • The non-stick woundpad protects and cushions the wound.
  • The strong adhesion ensures that the plaster stays in place.




*Hansaplast plasters block 99% of dirt and bacteria.

How to Use

How to use


1. Cleanse

Cleansing the wound from dirt and bacteria is an essential first step to enable optimal healing. To prevent wound infections, spray the Hansaplast Wound Spray from a distance of approximately 10 cm onto the entire wound area. Repeat if necessary, then gently dry the wound and surrounding skin area. 

Important: A minor wound will soon stop bleeding. If it continues, apply more gauze pads, keep pressure on the wound and seek medical advice.


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2. Protect

Next, it’s important to protect the wound from external influences like dirt and bacteria to enable undisturbed healing. Cover your wound with the Hansaplast wound dressing that best suits your needs. Observe your wound and change the plaster or dressing regularly unless you’ve been recommended to do otherwise by your doctor. You might find this wound dressing know-how article useful.


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3. Heal

Help your wound heal safely, quickly and with a lower risk of scarring. Apply Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment regularly until your wound has healed completely. Carefully apply a thin film one to two times per day. Make sure the opening of the tube does not get in contact with your wound. Repeat regularly until the healing is completed. The Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment can be used on open minor superficial wounds and at any stage of the healing process. If necessary, cover the wound with a plaster, dressing or compress. 


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Packaging Size


Product  Type  Size  Quantity
Product : Elastic 10 Strips

 Type: Package Size Image  Size: 19 x 65 mm
 Quantity: 10 Strips
Product : Elastic 20 Strips
 Type: Package Size Image  Size: 19 x 65 mm  Quantity: 20 Strips
Product : Elastic 100 Strips
 Type: Package Size Image  Size: 19 x 65 mm  Quantity: 100 Strips

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